We are:
A business-solution focused digital interactive communications company.  Our focus is on understanding your business requirements, finding and proposing the appropriate solution, and implementing that solution effectively, professionally and within budget.  We are a highly creative company, offering the best in both graphic design and software development, with a cutting-edge approach that keeps you ahead of your competitors, and making your business better.

We have been involved in the digital communications industry since the birth of “New Media”.  We have strong marketing, business and development backgrounds and we carry the experience of having been integrally involved in the digital communication of many respected blue chip companies.

Our business strategy is about focused markets.  We do not believe in the mass consumer communication approach.  Only through creating applications that talk to well-defined groups are we able to add maximum value.

We see ourselves as a company that offers enterprise-wide communications solutions for worthy businesses, in all industries.

From ground-breaking interactive multimedia applications to Internet initiatives that stretch the limits of the medium’s capabilities, we work to harness, and deliver, the true power of digital communication.